Updating the Ford Vehicle Keypad

Ford Keypad Virginia

After using virtually the same keypad entry system, with few changes, for many years, Ford is planning a major upgrade soon. Blue Oval has issued a new patent for an improved version of the keypad.


Updates to the Keypad

One major difference in the new keypad is that it may move from the car itself to the key fob. The patent zeroes in on the key fob exclusively. However, don’t completely rule out the possibility that it may remain on the car as well. Additionally, the keypad will now resemble a smartphone’s multi-touch pad more. This will make it easier to learn for Virginia smartphone owners and maybe a tad more difficult for others.


Why Change the Keypad?

According to the patent’s wording, making this change allows for more varied code entries. Instead of choosing a basic numerical code, a car owner would now be able to create a code that includes various keystrokes, swipes, and possibly even simultaneous keystrokes. For example, your code could require you to swipe across from the 4 to the 6 then hold down the 7 and 9 to unlock the car door. The patent wording seems to insinuate that, after the code is entered, the keypad would display the unlock feature along with other functions on the fob, adding features other than just unlocking the car.


Increased Security

Added security is one of the most practical features of this system update. A thief who steals your car keys would also have to know your access code to be able to open the car. The difficulty of hacking the key fob is unknown. It may also prevent the accidental pressing of the lock or alarm buttons. The potential negatives include the fact that having to enter a code into the key fob negates the convenient feature of just having to get close to your car for the fob to unlock the door for you. It is uncertain as to when this upgrade will actually happen. It may be a few years until you see it on the market.

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