Top 5 Reason’s to Attend MystiCon

Mysticon 2017 Roanoke

MystiCon 2017 is scheduled for February 24-26, 2017 with a wonderful list of literature geniuses. The weekend is a big event for SciFi, Horror, and Fantasy fans. With or without a costume, everyone that is a fan or not of the genre is welcome. MystiCon 2017 will take place in Roanoke, Virginia at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood. For fans of the genre, there really is no reason that you wouldn’t go if you could, but just in case, here are five top reason to go to MystiCon 2017.

Meeting Authors and Artists

Over 50 guests are listed to attend MystiCon’s annual event. Authors and Artists will be on hand to sign autographs and answer questions from their loyal or new fans.

Mysticon 2017 Roanoke

Open Gaming

Open 24 hours for your gaming pleasure. Whether it’s a simple family-friendly board game, or a fun card game, MystiCon 2017 has a few to choose from. Open Gaming begins Friday at 2pm and continues until Sunday at 2pm.

Mysticon 2017 Roanoke

Mingling with Like-Minded People

Everyone likes to mingle, especially with like-minded people that enjoy the same things, literature, SciFi, Fantasy, or Horror, you’ll find others with the same interests.

Escape Reality for a Weekend

This is your chance to escape the never-ending, vicious circle known as reality. Let your imagination take control and guide you for a weekend of fun in February. Everyone needs an escape sometime.

Mysticon 2017 Roanoke

Feed Your Mind

The Elephant Walk Restaurant; 30 years strong and still going with reasonable prices, new items to try daily, live music on Saturday nights, and food that will surely make your mouth thank you.

Surely by now you’re looking forward to or hope to attend MystiCon 2017 in Virginia. The five items on this list are just the beginning of many reasons that you should attend in February. MystiCon 2017 in Virginia promises to be a great adventure for friends and families to enjoy and have a memorable time.

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