Tips for Preserving Your Ford’s Value

Ford-Tips-for-Keeping-Your-ValueAs a Ford owner, you want to do whatever you can to help preserve its value. Doing so will help you limit depreciation and get the best value if you ever choose to sell or trade it in. Even if you will keep your Ford forever, preserving its value will help ensure it is in good shape since value and condition are closely linked. In other words, maintaining its value will help you extend the length of time you can drive your Ford. To help its value, you want to take good care of your vehicle and follow these tips.

Maintain the Engine

Pay special attention to your Ford’s engine if you want to help its value. As a bonus, an engine that functions properly will get better fuel economy and last longer. To care for the engine, stay on top of oil changes as well as filter engines. Whenever you have the oil changed, ask your technician to do a multi-point inspection, as well.

Care for the Exterior

The exterior of your Ford makes the first impression on people you drive by as well as potential buyers. Because of this, you want to repair any exterior damage as soon as possible. If you wait to make repairs, rust may develop or the damage may worsen, affecting layers underneath. You should also try to keep the exterior of your vehicle clean.

Keep Records

In addition to maintaining your engine and exterior, keep up with the regular maintenance listed in your Ford’s owner’s manuals. Be sure to keep records of all this maintenance so you can prove to potential buyers that it was done, as a well-maintained vehicle tends to be in better shape and costs more.

Drive Correctly

In addition to keeping you safe, driving smartly and avoiding aggressive driving can reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle. Fast stops, weaving in traffic, and speeding will all take their toll on your Ford, causing components to wear out faster.

For help maintaining your Ford, visit the service center at Berglund Ford in Salem. You can even sell us your old Ford or trade it in for a newer version.

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