Teach Yourself to Read Music with These Easy Steps

Learn to Read Music Roanoke

Learning to Read Sheet Music Opens A World Of Opportunities. Some musicians can play music by ear (just hearing it), but many people do not share this ability. Of course you can find a classically trained tutor to teach you how to read music and play the piano, sing, or play another instrument, but there is a great deal you can also teach yourself. For many people, once you learn to read music, picking up any instrument and playing is tremendously easier.

There is an App for That

Face it, you most likely always have your phone or tablet on you. You are very likely reading this article on your mobile device, and that is why finding an app to help teach you things is always a great way to go! Here are some fan favorite apps to help teach you to read music. Many of them are free and none will cost as much as a private tutor!

Learn to Read Music APP Roanoke

Three Main Steps to Reading Music

Regardless of how you decide to read music, it really boils down to the same three steps.

  1. Learn the Basic Symbols
  2. Pick up the Beat
  3. Play a Melody
Learn to Read Music Steps Roanoke

Once you get these steps down, you are ready to take on the music world by storm! Learning to read sheet music, is the first step to playing those songs you have always wanted to play, and it’s easier than you think. With today’s technology, you can find all kinds of material for learning to read music online. You begin with, learning the symbols, this is called music theory. Next, you learn to how to keep the rhythm or beat by counting at a steady pace. Finally, you put these together and begin playing simple melodies.

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