Make Your Ford Mustang Even More Powerful with a Performance Power Package

Ford Mustang Salem

The Ford Mustang is highly recognized as one of the best performance vehicles available to the public, and it is no surprise with such a long history of success. Now you can take your Mustang’s power to the next level with the Performance Power Packages that have wider availability.

EcoBoost Performance Calibration Kit on the Mustang GT

One of the new performance packages available on the Mustang is offered with the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine. Adding this package to your Mustang will increase the peak torque by 70 pound-feet, bringing it up to 390. It also enhances peak horsepower by 25, reaching 335 horsepower. While those gains are impressive, they are even better throughout the powerband. When at 6,000 rpm, for example, the kit will increase power by 100 horses. On average, the kit increases engine output by 60 pound-feet of torque and 40 horsepower between 2,500 rpm and 5,000 rpm. Between 5,500 rpm and the redline, the gains are even larger, averaging 64 pound-feet and 75 horsepower.


Mustang GT Performance Packages

There are actually three different Ford Performance Packages available on Mustang GT models since this trim is already a sportier version with more power. This is the first time more than a single performance calibration was available on the model. In the 5-liter V8 engine, the packages will increase horsepower by as much as 37, giving you 472 peak horsepower. At the same time, the packages have a no-lift-shift capability and increase the engine redline.

The first pack has a high-low air filter and unique performance calibration for peak gains of 16 pound-feet and 13 horsepower. The second one has an 87-millimeter throttle body, intake adaptor from the Shelby GT350 Mustang, and a cold air intake to give you an extra 24 pound-feet and 21 horsepower. The final package increases the redline to 7,500 rpm; it offers a peak gain of 5 pound-feet and a 37 horsepower boost.

Whether you want a regular Ford Mustang or to take advantage of the new performance packages, the team at Berglund Ford of Salem can help you configure your sporty vehicle for drives around Salem, Virginia.


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