What We Know About the 2020 Ford Bronco

2020 Ford Bronco

The Auto Show in Detroit always generates a lot of buzz, but this year’s show was the most exciting in recent years. That’s because Ford announced that it’s bringing the beloved Bronco back in 2020. The company didn’t unveil any specs or go into details during the show, but some information has come out since the announcement. This information gives Bronco enthusiasts an idea of what to expect in 2020.

Ranger and Bronco – A Dual Project

The Ford Ranger is coming back to US markets in 2019, and the new Bronco will be based on that design. Ford will use the Ranger’s frame as a model when designing the new Bronco. That means you can get a good idea of what the Bronco will look like by checking out the European Ranger. The European Ranger has a 126.8-inch wheelbase and the body is 73.2 inches wide. Also, the four-door Double Cab and Super Cab models are 211.1 inches in length.

The 2020 Ford Bronco’s Body Style

It appears that Ford will depart from the Ranger when it comes to body style. While it hasn’t been confirmed by Ford, there are rumors that the body style will borrow heavily from the Australian Ford Everest. That makes sense since the Australian Ford Everest is based on the Ranger as well.

If this is true, the 2020 Ford Bronco will be a four-door SUV. Also, while it will likely heavily mirror the Ford Everest, expect some styling changes so it will be in a league of its own. Ford may borrow from the design, but it won’t copy it to the letter. It will be unique enough to appeal to new markets while still using the Everest as a guide.

Expect more to come out about the 2020 Ford Bronco in the near future. Ford will continue to release information, and eventually, the company will come out with photos. For now, though, you can get one of the current Ford models at Berglund Ford of Salem in Salem, VA. One of the current vehicles will hold you over until the Bronco finally makes its debut.

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