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Insanely Clever or just Insane Christmas Gifts?

Crazy Gift Ideas Salem
Crazy Gift Ideas Salem
Have you ever gotten stuck having to pick out the perfect Christmas gift for that person who has everything? Or maybe that Great-Aunt that you’ve only seen like three times in your entire life? Or, gasp-your boss, who you know absolutely nothing about? Well, look no further because here you will find a few ideas to get all those brain juices flowing…

Don’t Forget to Remember

Ever tie a string around your finger in order to not forget something? Me neither-who has time for that? That’s what writing on your hand is for. Someone way smarter than me has created Post It Notes that you can wrap around your wrist and wear as a watch. They’re called Wrist Watch Post It Notes. Perfect for the person who forgets everything!

Magic Wand Remote

Calling all Harry Potter fans, or wizard fans in general because with the magic wand remote control, the power is in your hands! And you’ll be ready for any Renaissance get-together that happens to pop up. This magic remote has the power to perform 13 different commands, including turning the TV on and off, turning the volume up and down and changing the channels-all from the couch! Mind blown yet?

Indoor Funland

Shopping for kids or someone who has them? Or perhaps just looking for an awesome boredom-buster? Look no further, because the Stair Slide Ride Conversion Kit is a must-needed staple! All it takes is one easy step to set up and then it folds away for easy storage and have no fear because the kit fits most conventional staircases.

Maybe you want to get a gag gift for someone or something so cool nobody has even thought of yet. Don’t be the person to give a re-gift or something that will end up being used in a white elephant gift exchange. It never hurts to turn it up a notch or two or three. Be creative in your gift-giving this holiday season. The person lucky enough to get a gift from you will appreciate the thought that went into the journey of picking out their perfect gift.

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