The Best Locations for Hot Drinks in Salem, Virginia

Hot Drinks

During these cold months we all need a place to go that is warm and offers some amazing hot drinks. Salem has a lot of locations that fulfill this need. Find out which ones are the best and are worth your time to visit. These are the best places for hot drinks in Salem.

Peets Coffee and Tea

Enjoy natural coffee selections when you visit this location. They pride themselves on knowing their growers and having a close connection to them. They have offered amazing cups of coffee and tea for 50 years, and want to share this tradition with you when you visit Peets Coffee and Tea. They even offer gear so that you can brew your own cup at home.

Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea

Come out to this location for smooth and robust cups of coffee and tea. Their menu has a wide variety of both, and you are sure to be satisfied. They also offer a lunch menu that will keep you in house until noon. Don’t go another day without trying this location for some great coffee.

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee

This location is about 20 minutes from downtown Salem, but is worth the drive for their drinks. They have coffee from different countries offered in a lot of different types of brews. If you’re looking to enjoy your beverage with a view then this is the location for you. You can sit out on the patio and enjoy the mountains while you sip on a great hot drink. If you don’t mind the cold, that is. Come out to Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee and enjoy everything that they have to offer.

The Best Hot Drinks Around

Don’t miss out on these locations and go there to enjoy some of the best locations in your area. No matter which one you choose you are sure to enjoy some great coffee. On your way there be sure to stop by Berglund Ford for all your vehicle needs and concerns.

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