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5 Reasons Why Downtown Salem is a Great Place to Live


Salem, Virginia on 1880's map. Selective focus and Canon EOS 5D Mark II with MP-E 65mm macro lens.

5 Reasons Why Downtown Salem is a Great Place to Live

A lot of people think that you have to live in an overcrowded downtown area to be able to have pride in where you live. This isn’t true. Some people simply enjoy the smaller towns that offer a lot of the same things just in a much smaller dose. Salem is one of these towns that is a great place to not only visit, but also a wonderful place to live no matter what type of town you are looking for. These are the 5 reasons why downtown Salem is a great place to live.


It may be a small area, but it offers a lot of shopping locations. Some people travel here to shop, but if you live close by you’ll find that everything you need to shop for is right down the road on Main Street. There are shops everywhere that are full of crafts and arts, and whatever else you may need to shop for.


Unlike in most of the big cities that people speak so highly of, parking is free in Salem. Not only this, but no matter where you park in downtown everything is a reasonable distance away that you won’t have to drive from one location to the next. You just simply take a stroll and enjoy the view of this quaint downtown area.

Farmer’s Market

The farmers market shows its support for local foods and crafts. There are seasonal foods that you can stock up on and ensure yourself that you are eating healthy. It is open every day from 6 AM to dusk except Sundays.

Don’t Be Ashamed of Downtown Salem

Take pride in your town and tell people what makes it so great. Salem is an exceptional place to live and is an even better place to shop. On your way to downtown be sure to stop by Berglund Ford for all your vehicle needs and concerns. Our professionals can have you back on the road in no time.

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