Ford Unveils New Cutting-Edge Technology to Keep You Safe

Ford Technology Salem

Driving your Ford vehicle around Salem is about to become even less stressful. The automaker recently revealed next-generation technologies that can supplement your eyes and ears while driving to keep you safe and even make parking easier. Out of all full-line manufacturers, Ford has the most nameplates within the United States that have forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, driver monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, adaptive high-beam assist, advanced parking assistance, and a blind spot information system. The automaker is planning to continue this trend with even more technology.

Evasive Steering Assist

This particular technology will help drivers when it comes to steering around slower or stopped vehicles as a way to prevent collisions. The system can work at highway or city speeds thanks to a camera and radar. The system will provide steering support. It activates if there isn’t enough room to avoid collision via braking and you plan to take evasive action.


Wrong-Way Alert Technology

As the name implies, this new technology from Ford aims to stop you from accidentally driving in the wrong direction, going against traffic. It has a camera mounted to the windshield and uses information from the navigation system. This technology will give you audio and visual warnings if you start to drive against traffic.


Enhanced Active Park Assist

To take the current parking assistance technology to the next level, Ford developed an enhanced active park assist. This system controls the gear selection, steering, and movements in both forward and reverse to make it easier to park. Just press a button, and you will be able to reverse automatically into your ideal perpendicular space and either enter or exit a parallel parking space.


Other Noteworthy Technologies

There are also new cross-traffic alerts featuring braking. They get some help from radar sensors and can automatically apply the brakes. A rear wide-view camera gives you a larger display, like the available front wide-view camera on the Edge does. To spotlight one of the technologies, the Edge has an infrared technology that helps the system detect animals, cyclists, and pedestrians. An advanced front lighting system is camera based, and it will widen your headlight beam at roundabouts and intersections. Finally, traffic jam assist helps you stay centered in the lane and accelerates or brakes so you maintain pace with the car in front.

Find out when these new safety features will be available at Berglund Ford of Salem. In the meantime, there is a wide range of safety technologies that can help you stay safe in Salem, Virginia.

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