Should You Consider the Ford C-Max Energi?

Ford C-Max Energi

Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are growing in popularity, but there are still not too many options on the market. Even if there was heavier competition, the Ford C-Max Energi would be a great choice for Virginia drivers. After all, you can choose to maximize performance or efficiency and recharge with electricity or refuel on gas. The C-Max Energi gives you all the power choices you need, along with excellent features.

The C-max Energi: Power How You Want

Thanks to the plug-in hybrid powertrain of the Ford C-Max Energi, you can plug it in and run it like an electric vehicle, fuel it up and use it as a hybrid, or do both and make the most out of this vehicle. You essentially get to choose from gas only, electric only, and a combination every time you get behind the wheel. The C-Max Energi is like having EV, hybrid, and gas vehicles but only paying for one. The C-Max Energi also proves that even plug-in hybrids can be fun to drive. It combines a 2-liter Atkinson-cycle I-4 gas engine, a lithium-ion battery, and an electric motor. Together, you get 188 combined horsepower, the best-in-class figure. You can even reach speeds of 85 miles per hour so you will never have to worry about keeping up with traffic.

Charging and Fueling

On the most recent version of the C-Max Energi, you can recharge it completely in just 2.5 hours with your 240-volt home charging station. If you don’t want to install a charging station just yet or are visiting someone without one, you can still charge it completely overnight.

Other Amazing Energi Features

While the efficiency and powertrain of the Ford C-Max Energi grab your attention, the details pull you in for a test drive. For even more reason to consider this plug-in hybrid, consider that it has all the great tech and other features found on other Ford models. For example, you get SYNC3 along with unique Hybrid Electric Content. This lets you make the most of your model, such as a power flow status screen. You also get the best-in-class passenger volume along with as much as 42.8 cubic feet for cargo with the rear seats folded.

With all the amazing features of the Ford C-Max Energi in mind, visit Berglund Ford of Salem and take this plug-in hybrid on a test drive around Salem, Virginia, today. It will only take a test drive to show you why this model makes perfect sense for drivers in search of an efficient, fun, and feature-filled vehicle.

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