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Celebrate Independence Day at Popular Forest

Three US Flags Waving to Celebrate Independence Day
Looking for an awesome family friendly place to celebrate Independence Day, and learn about our nation's rich history? Look no further than the Independence Day Celebration at Popular Forest in Forest, VA. To learn more about this incredible event read below! This is guaranteed to be an opportunity you will... [read more]

Run the Four on the 4th in Roanoke, Virginia

US Flag and Marathon Runners in a race
Run the Four on the 4th is a 4-mile run and walk that occurs in Roanoke, Virginia. It is scheduled to take place on the 4th of July at 8 AM. Afterward, the proceeds from the event will benefit the Boys & Girls Club in South Western Virginia. Get the Days Race... [read more]

Don’t Miss the Salem Fair!

Salem Fair Virginia
From June 28th through July 9th, 2017, the hugely popular Salem Fair takes place at the site of the Salem Civic Center. This top-rate agricultural fair is the largest annual fair held in Virginia and has been held every year since 1988. Salem Fair: Attractions When it comes to attractions at the... [read more]

16th Annual Star City Motor Madness

Star City Motor Madness
Driving a motor vehicle is one of life's simple pleasures. It gives you access to the the open road, and the freedom to finally explore on your own. Well, Star City Motor Madness is coming to town on June 23rd and 24th. So if you're an automobile enthusiast, this event... [read more]

See Montgomery Gentry LIVE at Elmwood Park

Montgomery Gentry LIVE at Elmwood Park
If you're in the mood for a night full of classic country music, you won't want to miss Montgomery Gentry live at the Elmwood Amphitheater in Elmwood Park on June 9th, 2017. This is an all-ages concert, so you can bring the whole family. Montgomery Gentry: About the Band Montgomery Gentry is... [read more]

Introducing the 2018 Ford EcoSport

2018 Ford EcoSport
Compact yet spacious, efficient yet loaded, the upcoming 2018 Ford EcoSport provides the best of both worlds in every category. This is a new type of vehicle for drivers who want more with every twist and turn on the road. Expect it to be a hot ride when it becomes... [read more]

Get Your Tickets Now for these Upcoming Virginia Events!

Salem Civic Center Events
Salem, Virginia area residents are in for a treat with all of the amazing shows coming up this May at the Salem Civic Center. From a night with the symphony to laughs at a comedy show, and country music favorites to craft fairs; the Salem Civic Center is where you... [read more]

Enjoy the Magic of Hogwarts at the Roanoke Harry Potter Festival

Roanoke Harry Potter Festival
Virginia is bringing the wizarding world of magic to you this spring. Witches, wizards and muggles alike can relive their love for magic and experience the awe of Hogwarts. Roanoke Harry Potter Festival: Magical Activities The event planners and volunteers behind Roanoke's upcoming Harry Potter Festival have planned to transform downtown Roanoke... [read more]