Best Places to See Christmas Lights in Virginia

Christmas Lights Roanoke
When it comes to Christmas lights and decor, Roanoke Virginia has some of the most wonderful sights you can find. They really give great care in displaying lighting and decoration for visitors to enjoy. From quaint neighborhoods to larger more elaborate lights, both of which quite breath taking.

Back Creek Road Light Display

An impressive Christmas light exhibition with over three hundred thousand lights, as well as animated figures. Located at 7051 Back Creek Road in Boones Mill, this display will ignite the Christmas spirit in you. Run from the Jones family home, they do not accept any donations. Presenting their wondrous lights for all to see, totally free of charge.
Christmas Lights Roanoke

Dickens of a Christmas

In the city of Roanoke there is a giant celebration that takes place every year, with different activities for your whole family to enjoy. 2016 marks the thirty-fourth anniversary of the Holiday festivities and the first three Fridays of December are reserved just for this event.
  • December second starts the season off with the traditional Christmas tree lighting ceremony, which begins at 6:15pm.
  • On December ninth Roanoke has it yearly Christmas parade, the entire celebration runs from 6pm to 10pm. And the parade is held at 7pm.
  • December sixteenth marks the last day of festivities, running 6pm to 10pm. With a pet costume contest at 6:30pm.
Dickens of a Christmas Roanoke

Neighborhood Christmas Lights

In the quaint town of Roanoke there are people who give their all when it comes to decorating for the holidays. One such area is Colony Lane, you will find many houses all decked out with Christmas lights and decorations.
Christmas Lights Roanoke.

As you can see, there is so much for everyone to enjoy in Roanoke during the holiday season. If visiting the area during the winter and you love Christmas lights, then this is the place for you.

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