Awesome Features of the 2018 Ford Expedition

2018 Ford Expedition

You can learn quite a bit about the 2018 Ford Expedition with two words. Those words are “bigger” and “lighter.” Ford used an aluminum body when constructing the new Expedition, allowing the vehicle to shed some serious pounds. At the same time, it’s got more spaces so families can pack in all of the kids and gear to hit the road.

This vehicle is more than just a lightweight, large ride, though. Learn about some of the cool features you can expect if you drive one of these SUVs home.

A More Powerful EcoBoost Engine

The 2018 Ford Expedition comes with the 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 EcoBoost engine. This engine has always been known for offering great performance and fuel economy, but Ford tweaked it to offer even more power. It also paired it with the 10-speed automatic transmission. That will make this the most responsive, powerful, and efficient Expedition yet. In fact, Ford has already announced that drivers can expect increased performance and fuel efficiency with this model. The numbers aren’t out yet, but expect to be impressed.

Have Something to Tow? No Problem

You don’t have to go solo with the new Expedition. The 2017 model has a towing capacity of 9,200 pounds, but that wasn’t enough for Ford. It is upping the towing capacity so it can take home the crown for best-in-class towing. It also has cool features like the same trailer backup assist that is found in the F-Series. You can easily put your boat in the water with the help of this feature. Don’t have a boat? Now you have a reason to go out and get one.

Get Techy

Your family likes to stay plugged in, even during camping trips. That’s not a problem with the 2018 Ford Expedition. The Wi-Fi allows travelers to connect up to 10 devices, so you, Grandma, the kids, and their friends can all stay connected. You can even get out of the SUV and keep using the Wi-Fi since the signal extends a whopping 50 feet. The kids can relax in their tents while the adults sit around the fire, and everyone can use the signal.

You can also get techy with features like Sync3, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. Plus, the vehicle has screens mounted on the front-seat headrests. Those who are all the way in the third row can watch TV with Sling.

These are just some of the features you will get with the 2018 Ford Expedition. It’s going to be the best one yet, and it will be hard to wait for it. Make your wait a little bit easier by visiting Berglund Ford of Salem in Salem, Virginia. Browse through the dealership and talk to the team about leasing options so you can pick something up before the Expedition hits dealerships.


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