4 Ford Vehicles Awarded for Lowest 5-Year Cost to Own

4 Ford Models AwardedMake a smart investment by choosing to buy one of the four Ford models that were recently recognized for their low cost to own. The awards were given out by Kelley Blue Book, a respected authority in the automotive industry that has been calculating the cost to own of various vehicles for years, with the rankings being proven accurate over time.

The Cost to Own Award

For the annual 5-Year Cost to Own Awards, Kelley Blue Book evaluates all new cars to figure out which ones will have the lowest costs over the first five years of ownership. The rankings specifically look at the out-of-pocket expenses that owners will have to deal with, including fuel prices and economy, maintenance and repairs, insurance fees, and finance fees, as well as depreciation.

The Ford Winners

For 2016, Ford models took home the top honor of lowest 5-Year Cost to Own in their respective categories. The 2016 Focus ST beat out the other Sporty Compact Cars with its low insurance costs and depreciation. The top Full-Size Pickup Truck was the 2016 Ford F-150 thanks to its low fuel costs, insurance costs, and Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price. The 2016 Ford Explorer will cost you less than the other Full-Size SUVs thanks to its low maintenance and fuel costs that build on the low depreciation value to save you money. Finally, the High Performance Car with the lowest 5-Year Cost to Own was the 2016 Ford Mustang GT. It managed this thanks to a combination of low maintenance costs, a low Fair Purchase Price, and excellent residual value.

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