16th Annual Star City Motor Madness

Star City Motor Madness

Driving a motor vehicle is one of life’s simple pleasures. It gives you access to the the open road, and the freedom to finally explore on your own. Well, Star City Motor Madness is coming to town on June 23rd and 24th. So if you’re an automobile enthusiast, this event should be right down your alley. This charity fundraising event is in honor of the automobile, and it’s passion for cruising. This is one of the Mid-Atlantic’s biggest automotive shows, and it helps to raise funds for numerous charitable organizations. Here’s a closer look at what to expect.

Classic, Sports, & Muscle Cars

One of the biggest attractions of this extraordinary event is that it will give spectators and up close & personal look at some of the finest of automobiles. Many of the American branded vehicles from the past can be viewed here. Most of the vehicles are in pristine condition thanks to their detail-oriented owners. Just about every color of the rainbow is used for paint jobs, which makes the vehicles stand out even more. Roanoke, Virginia is the location, and the Virginia Museum of Transportation Automotive Gallery is the destination.

What Can Be Expected

For spectators or participants, the sky is the limit here when it comes to entertainment. Some of the finest of foods will be offered if you just so happen to get hungry. Of course, there will be plenty of refreshing beverages to choose from, which will come in handy for this hot June event. The “Berglund Credit Line” is a fan favorite as it allows you to park and show off your vehicle to the public. There will be hundreds of vehicles including trucks and motorcycles. For those who are interested in the latest innovation, there will be plenty of vendors to keep peak interest.

The Star City Motor Madness Event is made possible by people like you. Participants, sponsors, and donations help to personify this event each year. Participation fees also play a crucial role. Some of the sponsors included are Advance Auto Parts, Coca-Cola, Grand Home Furnishings and more.

Berglund Ford proudly sponsors the 16th Annual Star City Motor Madness to benefit the Virginia Museum of Transportation. Make sure that you attend this event. Downtown Roanoke is the place to be so come out and enjoy some good music, fresh food, a friendly atmosphere, and all the eye-catching cars at the 16th Annual Star City Motor Madness!

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